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Sandworm in Lani's dune world

Sandworm in Lani’s dune world, September 2012

Lani’s world is a grid that’s based on the spice world in the Dune novels.  In the middle left, you see a sandworm crawling out of the dunes.  On the Hypergrid, hosted on OSGrid.

Darmstadt City

Darmstadt City, September 2012

Based on the German city of Darmstadt, the virtual Darmstadt is located in Craft-World and is on the Hypergrid.

Dismantling Al Andalus

Dismantling Al Andalus, June 2012

This was a tragic moment, when Rose Springvale dismantled the Al Andalus sims and shut them down. Al Andalus was a beautiful and elaborate recreation of Moorish Spain and a celebration of a period when Christians, Jews, and Moslems lived together.  This was one of many wonderful sims that were forced to shut down when the discount for non-profit and educational groups was eliminated.

SL9B: Rockport, Massachusetts

SL9B:  Motif Number 1, Rockport, Massachusetts, June 2012

A notecard provided the following information:

A fisherman’s shack on  Bearskin Neck’s – Bradley Wharf in the harbor of Rockport, Massachusetts, USA, is one of the most famous buildings in the world, recognizable to students of art and art history as Motif Number 1.

In 1933, the Rockport American Legion Post. No. 98 built a 27’ scale model of ‘Motif No.1’ for the Legion Parade, which was held in Chicago, Illinois, site of the 1933 World’s Fair. Designed by A. Hibbard & A. Thieme, with participation by the RAA, Board of Trade and townspeople ‘from high to low’, the float was commissioned in June, completed by the end of September, and driven in daylight only, from Rockport to Chicago, in less than a week. On October 3, 1933, among 200 floats, it won first place in the historic float competition . Upon the float’s return to Rockport a crowd of over 4,000 people lined up & down the Great Hill (5 corners) to welcome the float home. The float faded away, the Motif endured.

Here on the picture the Motif Float is parked on Granite Pier. Everything was built to scale, barrels contained carved cod and wooden lobsters. The boats were half-hulled to the water line and a canvas painted with reflecting waves hung to within one inch of the ground.

Artistide Despres' full sim exhibit at LEA

Detail from Artistide Despres’ full sim exhibit at LEA, January 2012

Artistide Despres’ exhibit at the Linden Endowment for the Arts was titled “Where I found my Ivory Tower Surrounded by a Huxleyan World, Which Turned out to be an Orwellian World”.

Lamplighters still dancing after sunrise

Lamplighters still dancing after sunrise, October 2012

After doing the procession to the Temple, Lamplighters dance at the Temple all night to bring up the sun in the morning.  In this picture, the sun has risen and Lamplighters are still doing their fiery dance in front of the Temple.