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Winterburn 2023 is happening right now in Second Life! The Playa is full of amazing creations and ringed by snow covered mountains. There’s been great music and dancing at the stage every time I’ve been there. Tomorrow, January 29, is the last day. I’ve posted a few photos below. There’s lots more to see and hear.

The lamplighters will be doing two processions around the Playa tomorrow at 11am SLT and 5pm SLT, and will be followed by the always amazing Fire Dancers.

Second Life members can teleport to the Playa by using the slurl

Before the Temple burned on the final day of this year’s Octoburn in Second Life, the Fire Dancers danced. This was one of the best Fire Dancer performances I’ve seen. The dancers in these photos are: Allellia, Elyen Zlatkes, iSkye Silvercloud, Maia Antara, Suzie, Teddy Bear, and Yanaba Maddock.

Virtual Angel Island

Virtual Angel Island, August 2011

Virtual Angel Island was generated from USGS topographic data.  The physical island served as am immigration station for many years; its ferry landing is on the photo’s right side.  Virtual Marin’s Angel Island serves a similar function as the grid’s default entry point.

Sandworm in Lani's dune world

Sandworm in Lani’s dune world, September 2012

Lani’s world is a grid that’s based on the spice world in the Dune novels.  In the middle left, you see a sandworm crawling out of the dunes.  On the Hypergrid, hosted on OSGrid.

Darmstadt City

Darmstadt City, September 2012

Based on the German city of Darmstadt, the virtual Darmstadt is located in Craft-World and is on the Hypergrid.