Monthly Archives: December 2012

Virtual Angel Island

Virtual Angel Island, August 2011

Virtual Angel Island was generated from USGS topographic data.  The physical island served as am immigration station for many years; its ferry landing is on the photo’s right side.  Virtual Marin’s Angel Island serves a similar function as the grid’s default entry point.

Sandworm in Lani's dune world

Sandworm in Lani’s dune world, September 2012

Lani’s world is a grid that’s based on the spice world in the Dune novels.  In the middle left, you see a sandworm crawling out of the dunes.  On the Hypergrid, hosted on OSGrid.

Darmstadt City

Darmstadt City, September 2012

Based on the German city of Darmstadt, the virtual Darmstadt is located in Craft-World and is on the Hypergrid.

Collectif GawLab, Dakar, Senegal

Collectif GawLab, Dakar, Senegal, September 2012

Physically located in Dakar, Senegal, Collectif GawLab was organized in 2004 with the purpose of developing artistic projects in public places.

Hypergrid address: 103,35,27

Dismantling Al Andalus

Dismantling Al Andalus, June 2012

This was a tragic moment, when Rose Springvale dismantled the Al Andalus sims and shut them down. Al Andalus was a beautiful and elaborate recreation of Moorish Spain and a celebration of a period when Christians, Jews, and Moslems lived together.  This was one of many wonderful sims that were forced to shut down when the discount for non-profit and educational groups was eliminated.